You know I actually haven’t a clue anymore… I did my mini review yesterday and err some of the paint ran and some more reactivated, but funnily enough not the one that I was expecting to. Anyway here are the two ogres side by side, not a brilliant comparison as I went for different colours as there are only six in the unit, two of them in identical clothing would look weird. I have three units of pikes so can hide similar ones in the masses…

I think what I am going to do next is try to paint some bits and pieces with the Speedpaints and then see which ones actually reactivate, as I said the blue didn’t, but the bone and yellow did.

Both are doing their job, but one needs a bit more care than the other. One is more expensive than the other, and one reactivates… sometimes…. arggggghhh.

I now think I know why all the reviews were positive… no one wanted to go through what I am going through 😀

8 thoughts on “Speedpaint or Contrast…Contrast or Speedpaint

  1. You’re boldly exploring this territory for the benefit of the rest of us. Your sacrifice is appreciated. Also, the models do look great!

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  2. Thanks for doing the hair dryer test. The other thing I’ve been wondering about is how well everyone is shaking them. Army Painter’s regular paints are pretty bad unless they’re shaken way more than other comparable paints need to be. Does that also apply to speedpaint’s drying time?

    I think a lot of the reason the really good youtube painters didn’t notice anything in their firsts tests is they were doing the single coat per the box and weren’t making many mistakes that needed fixing. I mean some of these people do microscopic freehand lettering with size 10 brushes (ok, maybe not quite) are they really going to be coloring outside of the lines when they don’t want to?

    I have the small box on preorder and I think I’m going to keep the order. The price difference in the US is nuts. The set of 10 is $31 vs 7.80 a bottle… Have to at least give them a try.

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