Well this evening I didn’t really have much time as my wife has headed off to Germany on a work trip so I am home alone dad…therefore chips for tea… to be honest we share the cooking so I just had a mooch at what we had that everyone would eat. They aren’t fussy as such but withn one being gluten intolerant it makes a difference. I did run up a mince sauce to go with pasta or to make into chili too…

Anyway slugs… I was wanting something to paint with speedpaints, hairdryer and then repaint with a brush on overcoat to see which ones reactivate and which dont. Identical things make the test a bit fairer… sadly I have eight slugs and ten paints so the bone and hardened leather had to be missed out of the test. I was a bit miffed that my two packets of free slugs wasn’t enough…I shall demand larger packets of free stuff next time 😉😏😉

So there they are in their multicoloured glory…

I am going to leave them until tomorrow evening to dry naturally then hit them with a hairdryer to make sure there is no wet paint left.

I will then have a bit better idea of which of them reactivates and which don’t. If anyone else can think of anything I can do then please do give me a shout.

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