So whilst browsing the Internet last night I came across a post from Spikey Bits : Now I am on day three of my Speedpaints and yes I am using them like Contrast as no matter what people say, Speedpaints ARE a direct challenge to Contrast paint. This is why I am still working on them. Today I try some in 28mm miniatures…

So to answer some of the points in the article:

Just make sure you fully dry the paint before trying to apply another coat over it- like basically any other paint you use on your miniatures.

Okay so the 24 hours I left it wasn’t long enough… I will try 36 hours next time… as if!

If you want to apply a wash or acrylic paint on to Speedpaint even after it is dry, it’s probably worth sealing your miniature (aka matt coating it) before you do so. You don’t have to, but it’s just great for washes, and is really just a good practice in general.

Okay again, this is fine if you want to highlight or wash, but you are totally buggered if you need to overpaint an error or change your mind on a colour. Plus he states some people varnish between layers in case you don’t come back for a while… sorry but I am afraid mine just sit there on the shelf until I get back to them.

Further to this with Contrast there are so many videos out there of people highlighting, washing and adding details over the top of the paint… some mentioned a varnish between layers but not all.

As I said at the start I bought these, I have no axe to grind, well apart from the mettalics do my head in, but with these I want to give them a fair chance.

I did use them like Contrast because…errr that’s really what they are meant to be the same as. I am not exactly sure how else to use them.

I should have had an inkling though as GW had matching pots of paint to their undercoat sprays. These were there in case you overpainted by accident. AP have a bottle of medium to thin the paint, but don’t have base coat colours… inwill have to see if my home made medium will do the job, as the starter set doesn’t have any if the AP stuff.

So I think what we have going here is a divided opinion which is a bit like GW in general… fans and non fans banging their paint brushes against their chests and yodelling their war cries in their defence/hatred of the product.

In case you were wondering how is post is out midday… its because we have a long weekend on Shetland.

Later on, I will start on the 28mm pikes… I had better be really careful where I put the paint. With the ones already done I have painted the whole arm or leg red and then gone over this with white for a contrasting colour.

18 thoughts on “Whoops I must be Wrong!

  1. I’m sorry but leaving figures to dry for 36 hours or varnishing between colours! surely that makes a mockery of the name “Speed paints”. Thanks so much for giving us your opinions and experiences with these, you might say the jury is still out with you, but I think my opinion is made, if I go down this route in the future GW seems the way to go.

    Oh and as john said lovely work on those pike men.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. They’re in damage control mode at the moment, which at least has the benefit of letting people know that there’s an issue buyers can look into later. They’re minimising the issue, of course because that’s how business works.
    As for painting and highlighting over contrasts, I do it all the time. I was doing it literally not even 5 minutes ago on some zombie coveralls and I did it the other day on the zombie dresses. The ability to just let the stuff dry and then highlight over it is what makes Contrast for me, and I’m disappointed that Speedpaints can’t be used in the same way as I wanted to buy the big set, but then I’m happy that Stahly called the issue out before I hit the preoder button..

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  3. Also, Rob Baer/Spiky Bitz is well known as a GW basher who also relies on the GW market for his income, so he’s someone with a …dodgy reputation and pretty open bias.
    There are plenty of legit reasons to dislike GW and/or it’s business practises, but when it basically becomes your gimmick…

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