Well I am a bit more upright today and have managed to get bits and pieces done without the need for a lie down, the cough is still there, but not like it was.

I managed to get my wife’s home made bit of her present done… she is well into her knitting and tropical fish so I made her some stitch markers (a knitting thingy) in the shape of some tropical fish.

I found the STL’s on MyMiniFactory and printed them out yesterday and got them painted today.

I used a small drill bit to make a hole in the nose end and then superglued in a small ring with a screw thread. Isnt it amazing how it is, that as soon as you add superglue after a dry fit then all he’ll breaks loose.These were then sprayed white with masking tape covering the metal bit.

I then cracked open the Contrast Paint and set to work. The best way to describe this was an absolute bastard. They were tiny and fiddly and then they fell on the floor as my butter fingers got in the way. I then couldn’t put them down as the design for most wouldn’t allow them to sit. Luckily I had my broom shank bristles sitting there so they went in the ring to allow them to be hung up and air dry.

I then added a jump ring to the original ring and added a small clip as well.

Here they all are sitting on a plastic bristle ready to be put onto the card…

Unfortunately we are filling in an insurance claim as my wife hit a car on a roundabout this evening. Police came and sent her home saying… “it was an accident, they happen.” It was a black car, in the rain and dark, surrounded by Christmas lights and a super bright halogen light that shines straight in your eyes as you approach the roundabout. Luckily we have insurance for this. It will be up to ours and theirs to sort it out.

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