Although I am definitely on the mend, I am still not 100%. I didn’t sleep well last night due to coughing, so slept in until 11.30 but I have been able to stay up all day and actually managed to potter about doing bits and bobs in the house.

I also managed to get some slicing done, I have an idea for my wife’s Christmas present and as they are all going out tomorrow, my plan is to try and get it done then.

I have got into Battlefield V on the console and there is a mix of people, some who think a tank is indestructible and charge into the enemy positions and others who play a tank like a tank should be played, carefully without infantry support.

I usually play as a medic and do my best to help my team mates, unfortunately not everyone thinks the same and will run past my riddled body to go and claim the flag. If you want to do that play as an assault trooper, not a medic. I reckon my blood pressure is up this evening because of knackers.

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