Well Santa is already on his way and He will soon be with some of you… evidently according toNORAD he is over Budapest as I type this… you can track him here: Where is Santa?My family are all watching Nativity, evidently it is funny, but I really cannot be bothered with it this evening. I am sitting in bed working out a force list for Silver Bayonet… I have my Flintloque Ferach.. AKA French as well as some Spannish guerrillas… I need to get some regulars to boost the Spaniards.

I actually managed to get out in the car today, I drove into town to get some stocking fillers. I also managed to get the presents wrapped and went to do the horse too. Looks like I am definitely onntge mend… totally knackered now 😉

While I was getting some of the hidden gifts out I came across one of my Christmas presents from 1973… I reckon presents have changed since then 😀…

As Christmas Eve draws on I just want to say a Merry Christmas to you all and hope Santa is good to you this year wherever you are… in case you live in Krakow, Poland…he is nearly there…

Surprisingly I managed to avoid Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’… must be a record…okay I have been in bed for over two weeks and not been out the house in three weeks.

Speaking of Christmas songs or Carol’s to be more specific, this has a special place in my heart. When I was still south I was in Durham on a freezing, snowy night and was passing the Cathedral, the light shone through the windows colouring the snow. This was coming out of the building as the choir practiced. I went and sat at the back and it was one if the most magical sounds I have ever heard and this is from someone who isn’t that religious…https://youtu.be/RPMTjEKHR00

And just because this has to be the best advert ever….https://youtu.be/NWF2JBb1bvM

And Finally… my sing along Favourite Christmas song…All together now…One, two, three. four…

All the Best, Stephen

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