In my attempt to be positive I would like to point out that I am positive that I coughed so much earlier that I threw up.

On the up side I also managed to sit up for for  about an hour and a half today, sadly, I had to return to bed, but at least I made it up. Work on Monday is looking less likely today. I am now needing my inhaler a few times a day, so will be following the doctor’s instruction and ringing them Monday morning.

Anyway my good lady recorded my sleeping last night to let me hear it… I am evidently a Weddell seal or something similar…

Not exactly from the same neck of the woods (actual opposite end of the planet to be more accurate). We had this little lady visiting Shetland over the last few days…

Based on the tusks and pink spot on the nose then she is the one seen in Germany and Northumberland.

She is about six miles from me and I can’t even get out of bed to go and take a photo.

2 thoughts on “Service Disruption VIII

  1. Keep on keeping on. Spoke to SWIMBO about your dilemma and she suggested you just had “man flu” and you should toughen up. Remind me not to get sick as it sounds like I am not going to get the loving care you have!
    Looking forward to seeing you on deck soon.


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