I am now very much bored and frustrated by this flu thing and to be brutally honest I am a total whining get. I am not a model patient and am spending far too much time feeling sorry for myself. There are people out there where this is their life. So although we may still have service Disruption tomorrow, then I shall be more positive….that’s tomorrow, but tonight I am going to make the most of it.

Last time I had flu it affected my taste buds and I went off coffee for about five years, in fact I just started drinking it again in the last six months. As I am still not eating I decided to make myself some cheese and Crackers…. Holy crap the cheese tasted terrible… I hope I don’t end up off cheese for five years. It might do my waistline the world of good if I was.

To be totally honest though I actually made it myself, had a bath etc and am just about upright… I am hoping a corner has been turned… yesterday I could just about stagger to the bathroom for a pee…

If the cough would go away then I would be a lot happier.

5 thoughts on “Service Disruption VII

  1. Well the good news is that some of us are here to read your whining, so it hasn’t gone to waste! 🙂 Here’s really hoping you have turned the corner – those Italian Wars figures aren’t going to paint themselves you know! 😉


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