Still in my pit coughing my guts up and throwing up occasionally during the day. Going to contact the doctor tomorrow in case he/she can think of something.

On the up side I did find a model patient…

Okay casualty is probably a better term to use.

My wife and son went shopping and were thinking of me they have brought me lots of nice things to try and ge tme to eat again. In my drawer right next to me is a chocolate bunny. Sadly right at this second it does not appeal.

5 thoughts on “Service Disruption IX

  1. Best of luck on recovering soon, mate. I remember how much it annoyed me when my family were trying to get me to eat when I was down with the flu years ago. I did it just to shit them up even though I had no interest, but it’s probably worth doing just for your strength. Even something like a fruit or vegetable smoothie to help it go down, hydrate and not cause stomach upset.


  2. I hope you feel better soon and I agree with Azazel. Do try and eat something as it will help you get over this quicker even if it isn’t as fun as eating usually is.


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