As some of you may or may not have guessed, I do love my contrast paint. The rest if the GW paint range I can leave behind, well apart from stuff like this which is ancient and I am still using it!

In case you were wondering, where it is used….


Anyway I think I need to spread my wings and try some original painting using my Army Painter paints… problem is… I have developed a hate, hate relationship with them as no matter how hard I shake the bloody things then they never, ever mix….

So I splashed out on a cheapish vortex mixer…

In the background you can see my photographic test subject. Here it is close up…

As you can see from the whitish fluid there is very little pigment mixed in. Thirty seconds later, this came out of the bottle…

Apologies for the blurred image.

I used this paint to highlight the bronze on the British Ironclad. So there was a success there. However this was not an AP paint so I grabbed a white…

On the left pre shake, on the right after 30 plus seconds on the vortex mixer. Now this was still quite thin, so I gave it another 30 seconds. I then used it to go over the dark green on a British Ironclad. One layer just about covered it and a second totally did.

I decided to print something different last night. I got these off the printer today…

These are from the Lord of the Rings Patreon that I support. These are from the Rohan range.

And finally I have backed another kickstarter. I have absolutely no willpower at all, in the slightest it would seem!

15mm Samurai can be found at the kickstarter page. Now some people have said that these look a bit monopole and the faces are a bit cartoony, but they will fit jn fine with my Tin Soldier ones. I also want to play Ronin by Osprey Games. Being able to print the factions will be good.

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