As you can see from the above, I have undercoated the 6mm remnants of this army as well some 28mm stuff too. These areall for my mate apart from the ancient plastic Goblin from Advanced Hero quest.

I also set about making some shallow boxes from my kitten food boxes…

Somebody came to check that there were no pouches still in it. These boxes fit in my painting station nicely and my contrast paint fit in them. This means instead if rootling about on the shelf I can pull the box out and choose the colour I want.

Whilst waiting for the undercoat to cure, I set about doing some more on the British Fleet. I am nearly there with these…

I want to put a black dot on the portholes as well as paint the funnel a different colour. The kickstarter for these goes live on 13th December. There is a little YouTube video Here .

And finally, I would have got more done, but my son and I were observing his ants very closely with his digital microscope…

We got a pile of cool videos as well as some other photos. They are difficult to photograph when their antenna keep getting into focus.

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