As you might have guessed, I am a little bored of this project… it honestly seems to be going on FOREVER…

Anyway I cracked on tonight and worked on another three sets of strips, getting them quite a long way on…

On the up side I do seem to be getting faster, I think. These need hats, feathers, Pike spikes and base to do. Hopefully I will get these done tomorrow and get a start on the next three set of strips.

Now these and the ones I finished yesterday seem a lot brighter than some of the earlier ones, but it might simply be that I have used different amounts of paint on the brush, I know that I am doing one at a time rather than spreading the same paint over a couple of models, the other possibility is that I have shaken the paint pots really hard over the last couple of days. For whatever reason, I really do like them.

6 thoughts on “Bored, Bored, Bored

  1. What Pete said. I usually keep a “lucky dip” pile of bags of figures premixed into units to grab from as a break, or write down a list of ongoing projects and number them, then roll a dice to pick one and work on it a bit. Gives a bit of a change and palate cleanse when getting tired of a project.

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    1. I am trying to keep the momentum going as people had a sweepstake on when I would finish with a prize ro gyr closest date, I don’t want to be seen as deliberately swinging the lead. But indeed I have a mountain of things that I could divert to. I like the dice idea though.

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