Tonight I really got down to considering what the bases for the 2mm forces would look like. Now the ‘Age of Hannibal’ has various troop types so it would make sense to base them something like this…

Velites in the front, legionaries next and the soon to be painted Triarii at the back… the problem this makes is how many of these make a legion… to me this would be a cohort, so ten of these, which is quite a few… or I go three of these to make a legion.

It is easier with barbarians as they don’t have set formations or definitive unit sizes… so the Numidian light cavalry above is sitting at 500 men.

I also tried the Romans on the 80×40 base …

Some more Velites in the foreground and the line of Triarii at the back and Voila…a legion. Talking of a legion…

The rest of the evening revolved around getting the extra supports off this lot so that I can start painting them.

I am having a bit of trouble with the Velites falling apart when I take of the supports…this is something I will have to sort out.

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