My Tiny Farm

Tonight I managed to get the 2mm farms just about finished.

This time the buildings are stuck down so there is no going back now. The only problem is, is that there aren’t enough buildings to make the town now…

I tried them out for size on the town base. The town base now has the church/temple on it as the rest are glued elsewhere. Luckily I have another set of thirteen printed and cured. The above still needs trees etc to make it a bit more interesting.

The other thing I managed to get done this evening was to slap some paint on some 28mm Pikemen…

Still a way to go, but they are getting there. Yo be honest a lot of each miniature still to do is armour.

I got a couple of aliens printed successfully last night. I will drop a photo of them tomorrow.

Small Scale Village

So tonight I eventually got my backside into gear and got some paint onto the 2mm Italian buildings. I don’t think they are going to look too bad to be honest. I was worried that they were going to look too modern, but now that I have seen them painted then I think they will be fine.

The big building will be a temple, the other two buildings will be a mancio or a government building. I have printed off a second set so that I can have lots of buildings… some will be made into a town and others into small farms with attached fields, vineyards and olive groves.

The cavalry ‘patrolling’ the streets give the idea of the size of them. These will need the doors painting, but otherwise they are done and ready to go on bases. I would have got some more done on things but my friend and I were trying to send each other the most annoying songs… I think I beat her.

Triarii Make an Appearance

Yes the veterans have made a fashionably late appearance… probably due to trying to travel whilst kneeling

So after painting them and cutting them off their bases I tried them on the two base ideas from yesterday…

I am really finding that the velites are tricky to get off their supports. I have had to glue some of the above back together and to be honest some ended up lost on the floor.

Tomorrow I will do another six units red, then start on different scutum colours for different legions.

2mm Consideration’s

Tonight I really got down to considering what the bases for the 2mm forces would look like. Now the ‘Age of Hannibal’ has various troop types so it would make sense to base them something like this…

Velites in the front, legionaries next and the soon to be painted Triarii at the back… the problem this makes is how many of these make a legion… to me this would be a cohort, so ten of these, which is quite a few… or I go three of these to make a legion.

It is easier with barbarians as they don’t have set formations or definitive unit sizes… so the Numidian light cavalry above is sitting at 500 men.

I also tried the Romans on the 80×40 base …

Some more Velites in the foreground and the line of Triarii at the back and Voila…a legion. Talking of a legion…

The rest of the evening revolved around getting the extra supports off this lot so that I can start painting them.

I am having a bit of trouble with the Velites falling apart when I take of the supports…this is something I will have to sort out.

Painting 2mm Romans and a New Light

Today my new painting light came, my new old one was always a bit too far away frommthe desk top so after watching Luke over at Geek Gaming talking about a one he got then I thought I would give it a punt.

As you can tell by this awesome photo a black,light against a dark background wasn’t exactly a great idea. You can however see the effect of the lighton the work surface. The light comes with three light settings that are dimmable. These are warm, daylight and white. As it is an LED light it runs from a USB plug. This is the one I went for…New light . Interestingly enough it has gone up by £6 since I bought mine less than a week ago.

I used it this evening to get various bits and pieces of 2mm painted up…

Bottom left are the elephants, with chariots to the right. In the back are a mix of Roman infantry and various types of cavalry.

I also got a pile more celts and Romans printed and cured. I also sprayed yesterday’s Romans white ready for painting. The 10mm houses are drying off, but they did come out really well…

To save on resin, I printed these hollow and remembered to put a big drain hole in the bottom. I have another few to do. Thee are 130% larger than the original stl.

I eventually got my Irregular Miniatures order in… it was a right sod as the PayPal bit kept falling over. So hopefully very soon there will be a heavy thud on the doormat.

2mm Bits, Bobs and Elephants!

Today, as it is officially the last day if my holiday, I decided to just kick back and do nowt, apart fro shopping, being Dad’s taxi etc… but on the whole I had a chilled out day. I started off by working on the Woodsford the 2mm forces. I decided in some dry brushing and went for an army painter green and mustard yellow with a light Iraqi Sand top coat… I think it came out OK…

I then trimmed the chariots and friends off their supports. Surprisingly there was inky kne chariots casualty… the horses pinged one way and the chariot the other…

So from left to right we have the chariots, a whole horde of slingers and some light cavalry with shield. Next to them are some heavy cavalry… these came with the Romans. And behind them two sets of Romans with printed integral bases, which is why they are painted.

I also did a pile more work in the 6mm Italian buildings. These are pretty much finished apart from some touch ups around the window frames – basically when I painted the models I didt do the inside of the windows.

And finally this evening I downloaded more 2mm troops and just had to print the elephants. These come with either armoured armoured unarmoured elephants both with and without a howdah.

I decided to put a couple of grains of basmati rice in front of them just to show how big they are. The other thing is a 6mm ancient village I got ages ago, same time as the Ancient Galleys in fact… I had no use for it then, but now I have an interest again. So I shrank it down to 30% of its original size.

I am going to scratch build my hill fort, but as this one was sitting there I thought why the heck not.

So still to slice and print from the new stuff are some hoplites or similar, some infantry with an oval shield in a more ragged formation and some other infantry with a crescent shield.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get some of the undercoated Romans painted up.

The Blood and Honour Rules that are in the making have huge forces per base, so basically a legion per base. Now I will see how much they cost and to be honest printing the 2mm stuff in pence per printing session so it wouldn’t be too big a jump to have them as well as something else… Next thing to hunt for are some other suitable rules… someone has mentioned Scutarii as a rule set, but at £28.00 a shot then I want to find it what they play like, before jumping in.

I just remembered that I had Warmaster Ancients, and went to look it out…Strangely they don’t have Carthaginians in any of their lists. They do have celts and Numidians, but not Carthage, which as a major power of the Punic wars then you would think they would be there. Talking of books, I have ordered the WRG Punic wars book…

I had this book years ago when I was gaming in the Newcastle club. Time for a reread I thought… especially as I am going to be wargaming the period again.

Right I am off to ogle at some teeny tiny elephants again…