This evening was all about tidying up my pile of crap that had built up around my painting station. There were failed 3D prints as well as ones that were too big or small. I basically couldn’t get moved for stuff… can you remember this lot from around about February… Still in the box on the left hand side of the station!

Tidy Station….
Shit Hole Station

This is after 45 minutes of tidying….the miniatures on the left can be seen neatly tucked away in the first picture above… I really, really should finish them.

To be fair, some of the stuff on there is mid move or in the case of some of them, things I was going to do tonight.

My 2mm cavalry all came out fine last night. This evening I was printing a church for 10mm miniatures….

So that was a balls up… 10mm on the left, 6mm on the right… oh well it will come in handy for my 6mm WW2 stuff. I am hopefully printing the ruins at a sensible size!

I am going to find something to store the W.I.P stuff so that it isn’t just lying around everywhere. When I went for the station… (I cannot spell bureau) I bought some plywood to make boxes to go underneath it. This is still sitting in the shed uncut.. a little job to do sometime methinks.

8 thoughts on “Having a Tidy

  1. Haha I remember those Indians too, was looking forward to seeing them finished, you shouldn’t have shown them as we’ll all be on at you now to get them done.

    As I sit here can you guess which picture my painting/computer station looks like! 😁

    (actually I think it’s worse!

    Cheers Roger.

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