I was mooching around in a box the other day and came across these things…

These originated in  the mid 70’s. I think I got mine in about 1980. My mate and I couldn’t afford the miniatures so got these instead.  I was just talking to Joe about these last week and as if by magic they appear. I actually managed to buy the rules this evening too. As was the fashion in the 70’s there are lots of tables and book keeping required, but for £4.00 I thought why not especially as the two army lists in the rules are Roman and Carthaginian.

I got mores slicing done this evening, this time I printed off a pile of light and heavy cavalry.

I painted some of the 2mm stuff too as well as added some sand to the hil, fort and 80×40 base. The base is a test run for the new rules that are coming out later this year.

As I type this the kittens are definitely having a mad half hour. They are chasing each other all over the place.

6 thoughts on “Treasures (?) From a Box

  1. Oh yes they did love there tables back in the seventies/eighties, I remember a mate having a set of sci/fi rules can’t remember the name, the the firing table alone ran over two pages!

    We used to love watching our kittens when they were tiny charging about then all collapsing in a sleeping heap. 😁

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Very true, I remember WRG with the need for a notepad to record casualties…This one has a random factor dice mechanism one d6 is positive and the other negative. The kittens are still hoofing about the lounge.


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