Believe it or not the printer has decided to behave itself, so I have been printing pikes like they are going out of fashion. I also shrunk the command strip a bit. They now fit nicely with the pikes…

Now in case you are wondering there are 75 strips of pikes above. This in fact won’t be enough to cover my four units of Pike… each base has three ranks behind the metal front one, with two wide for each one … okay there are two spare which can be seen in the photo above. I will use these to make casualty markers.

There are twenty printing now, so still a long way to go.

When I shrunk the command strip I decided to live dangerously and didn’t support the flags as I worked on the principle that at the size they were then they should self support… thankfully I was correct in my gamble.

I also worked on some big pikes too…

They are nearly there, hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow.

Finally I got a couple of parcels, the first was this one…

The second was my Furioso supplement, which turned out to be the rules I already had, so they have gone back to AA for a swap. I was really looking forward to reading them…. hopefully they will be here soon.

Tomorrow is some more work in the house and I need to get the shed back in operation as I have a postponed game I there on Friday.

7 thoughts on “Pikes Big and Small

    1. Cheers John, they are in fact reduced in size too, this means they fit in with the other renaissance miniatures I printed. Come to think of it, everything I have printed recently is either bigger or smaller than the original.

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