So as you know, yesterday I based all of my dwarves and today I decided to do the same to the spares on the Empire side. Sadly it would seem I either cannot count or have lost a pile of bases… I would say the former.

I set to work merrily glueing down miniatures to bases then suddenly realised that I had actually run out. It would seem that my seventy 25x25mm weren’t enough. I need another 36 to base the extra handgunners I printed by mistake, then I have a dozen flagellants and also a dozen zweihanders. Hopefully I should have enough cavalry bases as I didn’t order any more of those. I should have if I only go for the heavy cavalry and demilancers, but if I also print the cuirassiers and mounted crossbows then definitely not. I bought some more infantry, ogre and cavalry bases just in case. I also ordered the Furioso rules which are Renaissance rules.

So on the left front to back… crossbows, pikes and Ogres

Centre we have the culvern and volley gun with crew for both behind them are the command miniatures with some random ‘spares’ behind that.

And on the right… heavy Infantry, hand-gunners and Reiters.

All twelve flagellants printed really well, apart from the end of a two handed flail. Luckily it didn’t affect the next lot being printed. My first six zweihanders have just come off the build plate and have had a wash. They are sitting in their basket letting the ISO evaporate before I pull the supports off and then get them cured.

I got my elf duellists undercoated this evening. I tried putting some Contrast paint over the GW wood elf that I undercoated with gesso. It is very streaky. I will try a watered down layer of paint to see if that will help.

Last night I watched Tremors for the first time in an age. I really enjoyed it. Tonight I am watching Kill Bill as I have never seen it before… I am somewhat confused so far. Hopefully things will become more obvious as I go along.

8 thoughts on “The Empire Musters

  1. Well they all look great. I guess one of the problems with 3D printed fig’s is you can always print more…and knowing when to stop 😁.

    Tremors is a classic they gradually went down hill after the first one though the second isn’t bad either.

    I’m afraid I’m not a Tarantino fan, what I’ve seen of Kill Bill didn’t inspire me to watch the rest (sorry Dave).

    Cheers Roger.

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