Well Max and the Dwarves came out really nicely…

I achieved a mage too! I have also printed out half of a rear rank of pike, along with some artillery crew. These will be available to view tomorrow. The second half are in the process right now. Over four and a half hours to print, for no other reason that the pike was vertical.

I also managed to get some more done on the Samurai archers….

That is them nearly done…I am not sure what colour to do the fletching on the arrows, if I do them white it will look like I have missed a bit so I might have to just water down some Contrast to make it off white.

Tomorrow I will get them finished I hope, then onto some cavalry before swinging back round to more infantry. I am sure that I have some Teppo too.

This made me chortle a bit too much…

2 thoughts on “Maximilian, Dwarves and the Samurai

    1. Cheers Pete, it took a while and I think that if I am not sure about one them, then I will add in my own supports as sometimes these seem a little excessive… not to mention that they don’t always work.

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