This evening I had some training and was meant to be writing more reports, but to be honest my head was mush so I printed some crossbows , had dinner and then decided to paint something.

As the Samurai were right in front of me – I started on them…

That is the first ninety six started. Although they are in single coloured armour I am changing hat colours to kind of add in some difference where I can. The pavaises were a nice easy paint… I wish everything was that easy!

Someone shared the following with me… I probably found it a bit too funny!

So here I am in the shed sorting out a print before bed… eight out of the nine printed… ooooh they are very nice 😍

These are straight out of the ISO wash and there are still some tiny supports on them. Unfortunately some of the swords didn’t print properly (along with the missing crossbowman). I want another four or five to make a unit of 12. I will probably pull the swordsman out and do four more crossbows.

All in all I am a very happy chappy!

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