Gaming has restarted… huzzah! We decided to give the Aliens RPG a go.

So my eldest asked for it not to be too shooty, so waves of xenomorphs are a definite no, no. So after a bit of head scratching we started off On a space ship that had a ‘containment’ breach… after a bit of panicking, they managed to make it to the escape pods seconds before the ship exploded… they then hurtled towards a water planet, the retro rockets and parachutes failed to deploy so they came down hard, cracking a few seals… with the water flooding in they fought to open the door before they sank. Luckily with a bit of hurried searching they got some survival equipment and managed to deploy the life raft before the pod sank. I couldn’t think where I got the idea from and then it struck me….

Subnautica Rules!

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