Yes, absolutely nothing paint wise was achieved this evening. I sat in the bath, ate tea, prior to this I washed my horse, sadly I don’t have a big pond to throw him in, so it was a bucket, a hosepipe and a pair of rubber gloves. His tail was a bit of a mess so we did that first… I will let your imagination run as to why it was a mess, I luckily didn’t take any photos… but the following image is a pretty good example of the colour of the water in the bucket after the first wash!

Things did get gradually cleaner, after about the fifth bucketful. Sadly my trainers filled up with the overspill…so it was a squelchy drive home… come to think of it he flicked his tail while I was talking… it really didn’t taste beefy at all!

So here he is looking clean…

Hopefully I will get the Arbites based tomorrow evening. I am now on the lookout for a space trucker STL for my mates character.

Tomorrow I think I will start on this lot…

But to be honest, before that I have to get the wheel and drum off the caravan to see what the problem is with that as well as write a pile of school reports. I did some quasi shortlisting for my teacher’s job, I am working with another head teacher on Monday to do it together, but as there are four applicants and they all seem to meet the requirements then I might just interview them all. Last time we tried to get someone we had absolutely no interest.

Until tomorrow… I was going to add something else here, but am buggered if I can remember what it was.

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