Well I think these are just about done apart from the basing (and all of the bits I missed).

I still think I need to do something with the shields… I might mask off the miniature and spray the thing again. That way I will get a flat finish…. but here they are waiting to be based…

2 thoughts on “Arbites… Onto the Basing

  1. These are coming along really nicely!
    Actually, I have a 3d printing question for you – it seems pretty cold where you live, but I’ve read that resin 3d printers should ideally be used in environments between 20-30c. How do you manage that? And for that matter, what about shielding the printer from UV light since you have such long days for a good chunk of the year…?


    1. Yeah, the temperature really does make a difference, normally I have a heater running in the shed if needs be, it died last winter so both printers went into hibernation. As for the sun, the shed has an aviary on the outside which cuts down direct sunlight, the green cover cuts out more, plus I have a thick bag that can cover it too, just in case.

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