Yes tonight I carried on with the next four bases… now to be honest I could have been a lot tidier at times. I may go over bits, but en masse the errors may not be noticeable….

Really just the shields (front and back) and the weapons to do. I decided on dyed linen cuirass for some of them. Tomorrow I should hopefully get this lot finished, including the shield fronts.

I came home tonight and got straight on with the caravan. I got it jacked up and got the first wheel off. With a bitter of nifty hammer work and WD40 on the brake cable I managed to get the wheel brake released. I took each nut off and put them in a bag, only to find when I came to put them back on again then one was missing. Luckily I have an old caravan in bits, so a wheel but was an easy sort out.

Second wheel gave me a little more trouble, but in the end we won.

Evidently I released the brakes as when I got up after throwing more WD40 at the back supports. I leaned against it and it shot forward. The Rav 4 couldn’t move it that easily so either I fixed them or I should change my name to Hercules!

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