It was a bit of a busy evening today, but I managed to get the second group of four bases done and then made a start on the third set.

They are flanked by the original four bases. There were a couple of transfers that really went on badly. The one directly behind the rearing bull went totally squint.

So as you know I went on the Frost Kickstarter, well Iain has done another Kickstarter through My mini Factory. And as I had backed the Frost I got a preorder discount, well for £21 I would be silly to give it a miss….

Here is the link if you want to go looking for yourselves…. interestingly enough since taking the above screen shot the total pledged has passed $22000 with 804 backers.i got on board about an hour after the thing started and I was 500 plus on the backer list… quite a popular set methinks!

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