Today was a busy one, I added three double sockets to my Wife’s office. She had been working with a long extension, so it really needed doing. I got into a rage only a couple of times, First was when the previous owner had stripped a screw on the socket face and I couldn’t get it out, second was when the trunking decided it wasn’t going to allow me to get the front back off, any other time you look at it and it falls off, but not when I wanted to.

Even with my tribulations, I managed to get things painted tonight…

My extra bits came today too…

I also got some printing done…

6 thoughts on “Ancient Greek Donkey Wallopers

  1. Those are some nice ancient, light cavalry. Very dynamic poses. Sorry to read about your “tribulations,” but hobby-wise you seem to be firing on all cylinders. 🙂

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