This evening I fully intended to get something painted, but as the famous bloke once said the best laid plans… I decided to get my mate some Imperial Arbiters (or a printable version) for his birthday, I had seen them somewhere online and came up with my first problem… firstly I couldn’t remember what they were called and secondly… I couldnt remember who made them… this led to a number of dead ends, confusion and internal grumpyness. in the end however I did manage to find the company that made something else that I had seen and then voila it all came back.

Anyway, this is what I purchased for his birthday….

I got the Matrriach and Augur as I thought I might be able to fiddle about with their hands to allow them to join the Sisters of battle… i have a feeling that the Arbiters weapons may be a bit on the large side, but we shall see. If nothing else I am sure they would fit in with the Mordheim idea!

It would seem that Monstrous Encounters are a patreon and these are some of the items that they have for sale, they do have some awesome stuff and to be honest, I did think about the Arbiters for a Necromunda force. they do have a couple Delaquesque sets – this is how I first found them. They also do Heroquest stuff, their minis do look like the originals – even down to the bases… I was very tempted! They also have a pile of Brettonian – or rather not Brettonian’s … I dont want them getting into trouble with GW.

Seriously though, I would have a look at them and see what you think…. maybe I am just being a bit of a fan boy… I will let you know how I get on.

Oh While I remember, this laptop has no working ‘p’ so I am having to paste each one in… so if you find a misspelled word tat seems to be missing a certain letter then you know why!

3 thoughts on “A Night Off… Sort of!

  1. Like the “h” in “tat”? Or are you masking a different comment about the laptop? 😉
    Seriously though – thanks for posting this. I’ve just bitten the bullet and ordered a printer, so now I’ll be adding more unpainted models to the endless pile – and those Arbites look just the business!

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