In case you are wondering… Donkey died, Stavros cried, Inky, Pinky, Ponky… so this evening I continued with the Ancient Greek support elements and finished (I think) the baggage train…

These actually took longer to do than I thought they would… But at least they got sorted. A random goat seemed to have sneaked into the cavalcade too. I just realised that both of the humans are walking away from it… evidently it is a very smelly goat😉.

I also made a start on the cavalry force… or should that be Forcette?

Obviously the Companion horseman shouldn’t be with the earlier lot, but hey, he was free, so he got painted.

I am going to try and get The horsemen done tomorrow and then will make a start in the psiloi, before moving onto the heavies. It would be good if I could get them finished in a week. I managed it with the Aztecs, so here is hoping.

4 thoughts on “Inky, Pinky, Ponky, Stavros had a Donkey

  1. Looking good, though I admit it’s kind of hard to “see” them properly with the plain bases. Once you texture them they’ll really look great! 🙂


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