Yes it really does. 1.5mm flex shouldn’t be used when 2.5mm is the standard and you cannot mix and match miniatures when they are a different size.

On the electric front, everything now seems to be working fine, thanks for all of the positive vibes yesterday. I did however lose the front plate that has the built in WiFi extender…luckily that is now found, so I will get it fitted tomorrow. We are meant to be getting snow and 50mph winds…oh yipppeee!

I printed off the chappy (I couldn’t be bothered to try and work out how to spell the name of the German mercenary with the big sword) and the mage.. they came out really well…

I decided to put the bloke next to my original RPG Character, Sir Percival Fanhard… He is definitely a tall chap

So this evening I took the same file and scaled it at 80%, 90 and then 95%. I will find out tomorrow if there is a match…

I managed to do a smidge of painting too…

7 thoughts on “Size Matters..

  1. Are these from Ian Lovecraft’s KS? His minis tend to be very much on the large side, I think I print mine at 85% to make them match with the rest of my stuff.

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