In my first teaching job, I had a lovely deputy head teacher called Anne Standish. She worked with the little ones and used to have a great saying… if it was a crap day she would give it to the queen. So Your Majesty, please accept this day just for you.

So you are no doubt agog to find out why… today I decided to get some more done in The conservatory… I wanted to get the lighting electrics in, before getting the ceiling put on. I had to drop my eldest into Lerwick so picked up the lighting cable I needed. I got home and set about adding the lighting to the mains power … it was then that the swearing started. I realised that my 1.5mm lighting cable was the same size… as… the… 2.5mm cable in situ. Yes.. knob Head hear had put the wrong cable in. Luckily the sockets that were in there had low power devices on them. It did however mean that I had to remove one wall that I put in.

I then realised that I needed 2.5mm cable as I had a full reel of 1.5 mm. The reel of 2.5 was totally gone. So back to Lerwick I went…So my 20 minute job took a lot of the day. I then realised that I had set the printer going and then turned off the power Two and a half hours into a four hour print…. I swore some more!

On the upside, I got some miniatures printed eventually… they had something bizarre going on….

Now this is a first… I think what happened is that I set the cleaner on cure instead of clean. Being inserted in a bath of Isopropyl and then cured probably caused the problems.

Here the three of them are (minus their hands)… they are printing now.

These are really big miniatures. I had hoped I could squeeze them in with some of my GW Mordheim miniatures, but they are too big. My based leader only comes up to their shoulder. I might play around with the scale of them… to put it into context, here is one of them next to my Chaos Marine…

Speaking of Chaos… I made a start on the three I am giving to my mate…

So now that I have my printers up and running again then I thought this Meme was quite appropriate!

5 thoughts on “A Day for the Queen

  1. Cheers peeps, the electrics are holding up. The socket I thought that was an issue, wasn’t. I think the tester screwdriver was having a moment. I plugged in some Christmas lights to let me see when the power was restored and voila they were straight on and twinkling. I had taken them out of a different socket so waited around a bit to ensure that it wasn’t just residual power, but nope it works fine, plus it is on the 2.5mm cable too.

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