I am feeling a bit under the weather today and have struggled to get motivated to do anything. I did however manage to prize some miniatures off the printer…

85%, 90%, 92% and 100%… I put them next to Percy and as Mikko said, 85% is the one I went with…

As expected the weather turned, 60mph winds and snow. This morning it was 8 degrees, this evening it is – something and feels like -15 because of the wind. This is one of the reasons I think that caused my prints to fail…

The mage is missing an arm and the wardancer is missing a leg. The Paladin second from left is missing a foot, but that was my cock up, luckily I realised and had to hunt though the waste bin to find it! Next to her is a witch hunter.

Once the temperature rises then I will redo the failed two. I also managed to do some crows from my LOTR Patreon…

Hopefully I will feel a bit more motivated tomorrow… an early night should help… and finally, my son has been busy again… tonight’s tipple was butterbeer from the Harry Potter Universe…

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