My daughter and I got another of layer of brown on the armour and a first layer of green on the bigger one too. She is suffering a migraine and I am rattling with the pills for my ribs and the fever effects of the jab. So needless to say not much has been achieved on the miniature front.

As you can see the green is still a bit on the wet side. Now obviously the card on the vambrace has lifted a bit, but I have ordered some 1 and 2mm EVA foam which will work better than the card. Tomorrow we will try and ‘distress’ the leather a bit. Somewhere I have a pot of gun metal paint, I will see if I can find it for the edges of the vambrace. My daughter wants the designs to be gold.

I got an email from Museum miniatures today saying they were bringing out some more ‘z’ range ancients… it reminded me that I have an army to paint. As a lot of them are nude with bronze armour then they should be easy, peasy to do.

There is also bucket loads of 3D printer stuff to get going with too. In fact there is so much that I don’t even know where to start.

My first Kickstarter dropped today, I also have more hex tiles as well as three month of Patreon goodies from the Lord Of the Rings.

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