Tonight we worked on some of the metalwork on the armour as well as getting another coat of the green on. It will need some tidying up but progress is being made 👍.

You can just about see the paint I used…it is getting on a bit really, so useful for this task.

I was in the shed with my daughter looking for the above paint and decided to see where I was with my Hundred Years’ War French Infantry… I was a bit further forward than I thought, but whilst I was having a mooch I came across the Perry flags that they put into the box with their painting scheme and voila I now have a banner for my knight… I thought it looked pretty good and as there is red and blue on the bit that covers the flag pole it fitted in with the colours on the banner top…

Now t still needs a bit of trimming, but it has saved me an awful lot of work doing something by myself… so a win as far as I am concerned… for the more discerning of you, you will of course realise it is the banner of Saint Jude… if you are anything like me you will know it is because it said so on the page I got it from… interestingly St Jude is the patron saint of lost causes! Purely a coincidence I chose this one instead of St Thomas…I hope!

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