Tonight I got a bit of a wiggle on and first of all sorted out the painting area… by sorting out please read ‘reduced the pile of crap on there by half’. I put away half of the miniatures as they were just getting in the way. The 10mm Mongols are still nearby in their undercoated state. I decided I would get the rest out of the bottom shed and see what the others looked like. This will involve emptying half the shed to get to them as some total nob head put two printers in there.

So sitting on there are eight Alternatives Armies miniatures, the nine Genestealer cult miniatures, Madame and the knight standard bearer.

So I got this far with her ladyship this evening…

I think I need to redo the yellow as well as tidy up the reins. I couldn’t think what colour to do the barding so, as I liked the blue on the knight, I went for that. I wanted it to be different from the knight hence the yellow.

I saw a rather good film on Netflix this evening about the battle of Long Tan called Danger Close. Now I was a bit of a a Vietnam Geek years ago and mainly gamed with the US Forces and had indeed heard of the battle the RAR took part in. However time,from then, had sort of erased it (or more accurately stored it away…haphazardly). whether it was an accurate depiction I honestly could not say, but it was a cracking film non the less

3 thoughts on “Madame Mounts Up

  1. Good to see you making progress on the painting front and hopefully you’re beginning to feel a bit better now. I enjoyed the Long Tan film and there’s another good one set in the Congo about an Irish unit, but the name of the film escapes me!

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