I managed to start thinking about colours on the cultists this evening and made a bit of a start. I also decided to use the same colour on various other bits and bobs lying about so some of the 10mm dwarves are in the same cloth 😉.

On the 1:1 scale stuff I have been a bit busier and managed to totally fix the gate as well as we managed to get pretty much all of the undercoat onto the conservatory. A number of months ago We took the dimensions of the building exterior and went into the paint shop and said hello good sir, please allow us to purchase the correct amount of extremely sticky adhesive undercoat and he took the aforementioned measurements and uttered the phrase… you shall need half a litre. So we left happy in the knowledge that we had enough. We since returned and said to the chap. What ho good sir, we were short, please sell us another half litre and we returneth to the job only to find that we ran out again!

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