Well as it is still a bit snowy outside I decided to take the walker out for a bit of photo shoot in it’s unfinished state… evidently it is quite effective 😉

Funny but true, I actually lost sight of it in the IPad camera app and actually thought I had missed it.

Luckily the missile is going to be military green with a black warhead. So won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Tonight I worked on it a bit more and got it to the nearly finished stage.

The lighting was a bit harsh, so the white has caused a weirdness that isn’t really there in reality. I will get it photographed in natural light tomorrow. I also painted the boots of the Troopers this evening too…

When I base this up I might add clumps of snow, but will check with my mate first to see what he wants.

9 thoughts on “Winter Camo… a Success

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