This evening I decided to mess around with the colours on the walker. I added a military green as well as some white to give it a snowy, foresty kind of a look…

I will add some black-green to the green bits too to darken them. I think it might actually look okay.

I am not so sure about the colours on these, but I am trying to follow the brief…

They still look a bit weird as there is a lot of white still visible. Once that disappears then I will be able to see what I think. The rest of them haven’t moved since yesterday.

17 thoughts on “Valhallan Winter Walker

  1. I do like the colours on that walker! 🙂 I know you mentioned the legs before, but they look the wrong way round to me now – I built one years ago, and put them on the other way, which balances the appearance more but, then again, given how much I know about GW stuff, I probably got it wrong (I actually converted it to a weird WW2 walker)!

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