I got my test model finished this afternoon and sent a photo to my mate. He was happy with the look so tonight I made a start on the rest…

Here he is out in the snow like a true Valhhallan should…

Now there is nothing more annoying in batch painting ten models than to look up and realise that you have only done seven! Luckily I was only missing the trousers before I realised.

I will carry on with these this weekend and see how far I get…

So in a bid to broaden my film horizons I decided to watch something I hadn’t seen before. The first was Lucy, which although a bit weird I really enjoyed. The second was Maze Runners into the Scorch or something like that (made a lasting impression evidently). Now on this one I learned a very important lesson. Never start on the second film in the trilogy or you really won’t have a clue what the heck is going on, and finally I cheated a bit with this one as it was Crocodile Dundee. I haven’t seen it in I don’t know how many years. I loved it then and I still do now.

Some of of my AustralIan chums might have a different view of it, but I do like it. I remember watching a lot of films back then with Paul Hogan in. Evidently he did some tours in Australia. His TV Series would never, ever get on the telly now 😂.

6 thoughts on “Batch Painting Valhallan’s

  1. Batch painting, probably the most boring part of the hobby, closely followed by batch basing (guess what I’m doing at the moment!).

    Nice snow pic, if I wanted to do something similar I’d be better off painting divers!! 😁

    My wife and I went to the cinema to see Lucy, we came out and I asked her “Did you like that?”, “I don’t know” she replied. It actually gets better the more times you see it.

    Ahh Paul Hogan, Australia’s answer to Benny Hill! You can see the Best of Paul Hogan on Youtube by the way.

    Cheers Roger.

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