I managed nothing this evening, my daughter an I were expanding our domain on Ark so I decided to give things a miss, however now that I am writing this I may do something in a bit.

Exciting news from Shetland… you may have heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but have you heard of the Strom Loch Monster… I has photographic proof that it exists… see there he/she is rising through the ice.

It has been a bit chilly of late, and because of this our lochs have frozen over. This sadly has led to people trying to remove themselves from the Gene pool, by strolling out into the middle and one of them actually smacked the centre with a pole or something! Problem was that once people see one set of foot prints, they will follow. Thankfully two guys were down there tonight smashing up the ice where people can get onto the loch easily. If you look at the picture of the boat below you will see how easy it is to just walk onto the ice.

Spot the knacker’s on the loch. Depth there is about 5 metres. These were two adults who decided to explore the frozen wonderland.

Every loch on Shetland seems to have a tale of people going through the ice and dying, sadly some within living memory.

The sun was shining on the snow today so it gives a nice photogenic scene…

We normally have warmer winter temperatures, but for the last few weeks we have been cold, over the last week sometimes sitting at about 1*C and then dropping to below freezing over night. As you can see from yesterday’s 18.00 temperature it got cold again.

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