If this title doesn’t get a sudden influx in views the. Nothing will 😂😂😂😂.

This evening I sort of finished this little lady off…

The other thing I managed was to sort out the mess of the metal horse…

This took a lot of Greenstuff to fill in all of the gaps. I don’t believe this head was meant to be on this body, but I had it and it worked. I was going to put a knight on it, but now that I have this lovely lady I think a change of rider is in order…

SadlyI cannot find the original lady for the mount, so needs must….

10 thoughts on “A Dodgy Lady (and a horse)

  1. Back in the day, that horse head with the castle on it matched up a Questing or Grail Knight with he same tower on his helm! I think the horse body was plastic, but more ornate than a standard knight! I also believe the mounted damsel came with a simple plastic squire’s horse, just saddle and harnesses.

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  2. Ah, the horse of Repanse de Lyonesse, with a Knight of the Realm Horse’s head, and the beautiful(?) Dogs of War Lucrezia Belladonna as rider. This model pretty much sums up my Warhammer collecting of the mid-nineties (just missing some dark elves). Look forward to seeing the completed piece!

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      1. I’ve still got a case full of bits and the odd figure here and there but most of my original collection is now either sold or given away. For a while I was dead set against these new-fangled plastic and resin minis, until I realised how much easier they could be to convert! The older models hold a special (if nostalgic for me) quality though.

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