So when I found my big box of plastic I also found some old tatty drawings that must be at least 25 years old…

This was from when I was in the Ermine street Guard I think, or possibly when I was doing the education pack for Corstopitum Roman fort.

That is me in said group and at said fort… this was my first day at a re-enactment event and the following was my last…

Okay this one is a technicality… this was for a school on Shetland, but they wanted me to be in character 😉

10 thoughts on “More Drawings Found

      1. Sorry man. Oh yea, I’ve heard “great helm” used quite a bit. I really should pick up some good historical books on arms and armor. I was eyeing some on Osprey Publishing one day,
        but couldn’t make up my mind.

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