So this evening, I went back to doing a bit more on the Sisters of Battle. Managed to finish one, almost finish the second and make a start on the third.

I saw this brilliant bit from a nature camera… spot the mountain Lion stalking an elk.

I would like to point out that we don’t have these on Shetland, otters, Orca and other whales and dolphins… yes. Mountain Lions and Elk…no.

After watching a cut scene montage of the new Necromunda console game, I kind of got inspired to see about spending my Crimbo money… not at those prices I won’t. So I think I will see what else is out there.

6 thoughts on “Back with the Sisters

  1. Ha! And here I thought the picture would be of a painted Sister!

    And I have been out West, hunting Elk; both Elk and big cats are well camouflaged for where they live! I took a way, but I did find that cat, just have to blow the picture up large to see her.

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  2. Slow progress on the sisters is still progress. 😊

    Yep GW prices are a little off putting, unless you are talking about buying the video game, and I have no idea about them as they leave me cold, always have I’m afraid.

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Regarding the Necromunda computer game, I got it when it came out and its not very good. As in I’ve stopped playing it after 3 goes and it put me off painting Necromunda stuff. It is visual great, but the game play is silly, movement is just so large that guns are close to pointless and the AI is “different”

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