Okay this is me having a bit of a major melt down here. As some of you know I live on Shetland an island between Norway and Scotland and as such living on an island we were allowed to be tier three of the Covid Lockdown rules. All mainland areas were tier four. We had had no cases at all in the last month and then guess what?

Yep some absolute nob head decided to have a party and we have now gone from Zero cases to sixteen and then today another ten with a further one hundred and twenty people needing to be contact traced and told to self isolate.

What the effing hell is wrong with people, it honestly beggars belief. The main place was Brae, but unfortunately this has now spread out west and into Lerwick. All visits to all care homes are now banned, various restaurants have had staff off now because the people on the trace list have been there… and finally the one that really takes the cake. A visitor from the mainland rocks up to Shetland and tests positive, so instead of being a good boy he decides to get pissed and to make matters worse he then takes his car for a spin and put it in the ditch and ends up in Accident and Emergency. He has since been arrested…

The dog has lost its pocket money for the year as her £2 stolen bar of chocolate cost us £212.67. Luckily it is nearly payday!

So to calm myself down, please find some relaxing sea photos from yesterday’s abortive beach visit.. please note the small boy in one of them!

The wave that got him came up to the rocks to the right of the picture!

9 thoughts on “Having a Good ol’ Rant

  1. Eric is right. This behavior is widespread in the US and is largely why the virus is not under control even with the vaccine coming. It is a real shame and the selfish behavior is irritating to put it kindly.

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  2. I think I mentioned in my own rant some while back that the only positive to be had is to rid the world of these people as they show themselves. Alas our world has become to tolerant. Here is the South West we have had loads of people travelling down from the South East Tier 4 for Christmas when they should even be leaving their homes! Madness.

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  3. Jesus wept, some people really are arseholes aren’t they? I say take the guy who threw the party and the nutter from the mainland who crashed his car and chuck ’em both in the sea!

    I hadn’t realised that was going on up there, I thought you guys were still living the high life in tier 1. There was a lot of talk down here in the highlands about whether we should be in a lower tier too but I reckoned we should at least have a circuit breaker for a bit to make sure it’s under control up here and to put off people from areas where its worse from scurrying off to their second homes and bringing the virus with them. Mind you I have a job which means I’m allowed to get about and about no matter what so I would say that, I’m alright Jack! 😉 I’m guessing the NHS on Shetland is similar to here, solid enough to cope in normal times but not built for a pandemic?

    Back in the early spring when things were getting really bad in Italy but before we went into lockdown here, my mum’s physiotherapist went to Italy for a skiing holiday. Excuse me whilst I go and find something solid to dunt my head against. I know she’s a physio and shouldn’t be expected to understand infectious diseases that much more than the average punter but come on, what was she thinking? Rather than flying directly from the UK (she’s not a complete idiot) she, and I quote, “thought she’d be alright if she travelled via Austria instead”. I’ve never heard of a virus that you can sneak up on before but who am I to question to wisdom of the modern medical professional? Anyway I reminded her that my mum is vulnerable because of her injuries (she was in a road accident a few years ago) and her age and she should kindly stay the hell away from her until she’d been tested. Next thing we heard the physio was sick with the covid. Of course she was…

    Oh dear, now I’m having a rant! Ah well, illegitimi non carborundum as they say – keep safe mate and glad to hear the dog is doing ok, even if she is a bit expensive. 🙂

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  4. Rant away. As the Chairman of my little town Board of Health I get to try to “enforce” compliance with the edicts of emergency orders of the Governor of the State of Massachusetts. I say that in quotes because while it’s easy to fine businesses (and I have so far been able to avoid doing that) trying to make individual citizens just comply with masking and social distancing requirements has been like pushing a rope. I get the case notifications daily and have to let the cops, fire, and EMS know about it. Even my mom, who does not live in town and turned 79 yesterday, takes unnecessary risks. I am not completely comfortable with all of the current restrictions- as many have zero basis in science. For example, people get in a plane and eat inches away from each other but restaurants with outdoor dining get closed in NY and CA. Here not a worry as it’s to f’ing cold, and I have not been to an indoor restaurant for a sit down meal since early March. If people would properly distance socially, and wear a mask (which might or might not work), things might be better. But this “gift” from the Chinese Communist Party will be with us until vaccinations overcome it. Lockdowns probably don’t work either as eventually people get forced indoors and that fosters spread worse – because most people like the idiot you cite lack discipline. In the end, my hope is we learn for the future, and we remember how this started.

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