Absolutely nothing to do with stars. These things are sucking the joy out of my life. I can honestly say that if anything was to put me off 40k it is these.

I don’t know why but I can honestly say that the instructions are on one hand really specific and in others it took me ages working out how the arm goes onto the hand, this then has to go on the shoulder correctly to allow the second hand to meet the weapon where it should.

At least there are only three left to go… phew. Then I only have to paint them! In my mind these were going to be built in an evening and then sprayed the next with painting started on the third. Sadly it was not to be.

Regarding Covid, we have just got another 7 cases today taking this to 43 cases with 300 people being told to self isolate and be tested. The thing that really boils my piss is that people have been deliberately giving false names and addresses when they have been out and about.

My worry is we now have New Years Eve to deal with and these 43 cases are before we hit the Christmas Day legal and illegal visiting.

6 thoughts on “Seven Sisters

  1. Great work with the sisters so far- I can understand the frustration with the instructions, I found the new Chaos Space Marines kit to be the same in terms of flitting between vague instructions and bizarrely specific ones.

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  2. I’m not6 a fan of multipart plastic figures either, gluing all those bits together is soul destroying in my book! I know I’ve spent the last few days doing the same. 😬

    I can see another lockdown having to be put in place in the new year as people just cant follow rules that give them a little freedom, but have to stretch them way beyond safe limit’s, or the “it wont happen to me!” idiot mentality!

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. I too find some of the GW multipart a bit hit and miss. I don’t actually mind the single pose stuff as the fit and strength of the finished model always seems stronger- new molding techniques make them much more dynamic now too. Some of the Plague Marines were tricky in a way similar to yours.

    Happy New Year too.



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  4. I oscillate with assembling GW multipart kits, sometimes I find it oddly relaxing and sometimes I want to put my fist through something. Having hands like the front end of a tractor doesn’t help… Looks like things have, as you predicted, got a bit worse up in Shetland – keep your head down mate, I reckon we’re not out of the woods with this pandemic by a long shot sadly.

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