So whilst mooching in the loft I came across an old cardboard box and these fine chaps were in it.

These were the reason why I got into Warhammer all those years ago. I just loved the aesthetics of these. I built up a large force and played various campaigns using them. I had the spear armed ones above as well as the same number of mounted archers. Two units of 10 bow apiece and the same with the the spears, a unit of waywatchers and wardancers plus eagles, warhawk riders a couple of mages. I then had a freeman and some dryads to finish off the force.

I then got Lizardmen and Brettonians mainly the boxed game and built up from there. I still have a pile of knights and squires unpainted, but the rest are long gone. The woodelves are still my favourite army and I have kept them for old times sake GW then go and muck everything up and elves don’t exist anymore etc… not that I am bitter and twisted about it.

As you can see from the above, I never did get them finished. One day I might relieve my younger days and get them done.

I managed to get another couple of cavalry printed and started on the officer.

The two riders is something I have never seen before, I do feel sorry for the horse!

Knackered this evening so got nothing done, especially when I was eating dinner at 20.45. I didn’t get in until about 20.30. Hopefully I will manage something tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Old Stuff Refound

  1. Brettonians where my first introduction to Warhammer! I most of them in one of my many moves over the years. I did find a bunch of older GW warhammer minatures that I and my boys painted 20+ years ago. I’m tinkering with the idea of stripping some of the worse of the worst and repainting them to see how much my technique has changed!
    I have to agree with you that the older miniatures and game system was better than today’s product.

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