Tonight I got the last five cavalry sliced and onto he memory card to get printed, unfortunately the printer decided it was having other thoughts and then though getting stuck in the resin was a good idea. Luckily I managed to get the print head up and then cleaned off,of course then it decided to work perfectly.

So at the minute I am busy printing off two of the remaining five French cavalry. These two came off earlier this evening…

I also added some of my stuff onto the build plate too, I went for Glorfindel mounted on a horse. The horse is with one and he is with the other set. Hopefully I will get them done soon.

I will have to get myself sorted over the Christmas break and start doing things in an organised manner. Either paint or get rid of the printed stuff already done before I start printing more. I had to stop myself going for another Kickstarter as in reality I don’t need age of sail ships!

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