Tonight I fought the laptop to a standstill. It was being what is technically called an absolute ‘b*stard’! It kept on crashing the software then it wouldn’t find the external hard drive where all of the STL’s are stored. Eventually after much swearing and threatening the use of a hammer then I got it working.

I found that the STL’s were as a block so don’t fit on the plate. This means an annoying amount of work sorting them out into individual miniatures. To be honest they do look huge, so maybe they have got bigger somehow. I will have to measure them to see. I reckon I will get two or three to the plate. Luckily my mate doesn’t want them tomorrow!

After taking this photo the bloody thing then decided to run out of battery. I will fight with it again tomorrow.

I do have this lot to print for myself…

The savage nomads are evidently cannibals as can be seen by their meat store. There are some really nice bits and bobs amongst them. The elves are modular.

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