Well okay, maybe not hate it, but spent most of this evening helping my daughter study for a test tomorrow. Not only maths, but Biology and Chemistry too….

Therefore I was not really in the mood to do anything else this evening.

10 thoughts on “I Hate Mathematics…

  1. Math and Chemistry were two of my favorite subjects in High School! Now, that being said, today’s methodology of teaching math makes my head hurt. I don’t know if you have this “new” math over in the UK, but I guess they figure in the figure no-one will do long division with pen and paper! (little known secret, I do long division and multiplication in my head on multi-hour bike rides to help me forget about how many miles my legs are churning out!).
    Good luck!

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  2. After the way West Point taught me mathematics, it changed my life and rewired my brain. I can do a lot in my head and use it all the time for problem solving and hobby project planning, even mold-making calculations. But why the hell do you Brits and Aussies make math plural? 😀

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  3. Actually Math can be quite fun and satisfying. The reason why students hate it is because they see no use of it in the real world as they are only taught to use it in exam questions and nothing more.


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