Tonight was another one of tree building, I got a pile more circles made out of the matting…

I managed to get four more trees done with what I had. Now to be honest I only used a quarter of one of the mats so I can make a whole host more…

Four more basic trees

Now the next question is to undercoat them in what colour? I have black and green here, I can probably pick up some brown on Saturday. The other option I have considered was dipping them in some brown drawing ink.

I have spray glue and or heavy duty hairspray to put the flock down. Next problem is I need some flock to add to them, now I have sawdust stuff, but I think foam would look better. I have posted on Geek Gaming to ask what they would recommend.

I will carry on with the diorama tomorrow and will make a start on the animals.

A big shout out to everyone who has sent out positive vibes, useful comments and support for this project.

8 thoughts on “Ohhhh Tannenbaum

  1. Good progress there! 🙂 A long time ago I bought some cheap trees and decided to paint and flock them. I sprayed them black and then flocked them with a mix of greens and they came out looking not half bad! I haven’t got any pictures of them unfortunately since I gave them to my nephew a few years ago!

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