Sadly not a rather funky song by the Stones, more like me out in the wind and rain in the pony shed with a torch and a spray can of black paint.

But I did get them sprayed black. I will paint the trunks brown tomorrow evening and then get the things sprayed with glue and then flocked, depending on what I have got flock wise.

To be honest I am really enjoying making this thing, so much so that other things have been pushed to the back of the queue.

This is kind of a pity as I think it would look more balanced. If anyone could give me any invoice then I would Appreciate it. I did think about drilling through the base and pinning into the wooden dowel of the skewers and supergluing everything in situ.

I recon I can get the skewers into the top of the hill but the depth of base on the flat ground will not allow the placement I had in the test shot…

7 thoughts on “Paint it Black

  1. I would drill a shallow hole in the foreground and use either an expoy or foaming superglue (we have Gorilla Glue over here), as the trees don’t weight much and the diorama won’t be subjected to war-gaming stresses. That being said, you don’t want the trees falling over either and CA might not be strong enough.
    Be careful, these dioramas can become additive!

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